Software Solutions

Priceless Bookkeeping is a Certified Xero Advisor and Receipt Bank Partner.

Xero An online accounting package taking the industry by storm.  Xero can be accessed from any type of device, anywhere you have internet.  No need to download software or stress about loosing the information if your computer that’s hosting the file crashes, just log on with another device.

Receipt Bank Works hand in hand with Xero and other accounting software.  It is a facility that allows you to upload scanned receipts, or take photos in the mobile app. Those receipts are then read and the information extracted for you to check and then publish to Xero.  Gone are the days of hours of data entry!

When discussing your bookkeeping requirements I can help you establish a system that works. Priceless Bookkeeping does receive a discount or commission on subscriptions with Xero but you will never pay more than the RRP and you will gain so much more in support and training.

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