Virtual Bookkeeping

Interested to know what virtual bookkeeping is?

This service allows your bookkeeping to be conducted remotely.  This can benefit your business through flexibility and cost.  Such as, do you operate your business from home, or constantly on the road and find it difficult to commit to a particular day/time to commit in the ‘office’ for your bookkeeping to be done on site, or live in a remote area?

Priceless Bookkeeping offer a ‘virtual’ bookkeeping service through the use of technology, or via drop off/pick up of source documents.  This allows business owners to concentrate on their core business by day and respond to bookkeeping enquiries from the bookkeeper by night, or even while on the go via email and phone.

Regular weekly/monthly remote service of your bookkeeping assist you to know how your business is going at any given point in time, allowing you to make financial and business decisions without waiting weeks for the data to be collated and updated.