Receipt Scanning

Are you sick of storing all your paper receipts and don’t really know what to do with them?

In todays technology environment, businesses are electing to save and store their business documentation electronically.  Given that receipts also often fade within a short space of time, how do you preserve them for 5 years?  Scan them and store them electronically on your hard drive, in the cloud or in your accounting software.

Rest assured, this process is ATO compliant and means your receipts will not fade!

At Priceless Bookkeeping we have partnered with Receipt Bank and can process all your receipt scanning for you, or you can use the app on your smart device to take photos of your receipts for us to allocate in your accounting software.  How much easier can it get!?

Want to know more or have a try for yourself?  Contact us today to find out how much time you can save using this service.