My Business Needs a Bookkeeper

Where do you start?

Have you been thinking that it’s time to engage the services of a bookkeeper to free up your time to concentrate on the parts of your business that will allow you grow, increasing your income and giving you better work/life satisfaction.  After all you didn’t get into business to do bookwork, right!?

Often the task of ‘where to start’ when looking for a bookkeeper can be overwhelming, too hard or you just don’t have the time to properly investigate the best option for you.  Well the best place to start is local!  Ask your friends in business who they use and if they are happy.  Word of mouth is always the most reliable, after all, if your business friends aren’t happy with their bookkeeper I am sure they will tell you.

If you don’t have friends in business that can refer a bookkeeper, then you could try doing an online search for someone local.  There are several networking groups out there and most bookkeepers will have a website.  Not all bookkeepers will list their price on their website.  This is a tricky one because the price can vary greatly!  You could be looking at anywhere from $35 to $110 per hour depending on their qualifications, experience and the range of services they can legally provide for you.  Anything less than that and they are either not qualified or not in Australia!

Most businesses owners don’t realise that for an independent bookkeeper to provide BAS services (GST coding, lodging, superannuation, etc) and receive a fee for their service, they MUST be a registered BAS Agent.

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF THEY ARE REGISTERED?  This one is easy.  Once you have found a potential bookkeeper, they will generally display their registration logo proudly on their website. However if they haven’t displayed their logo, they may still be registered.  To find out, simply visit the Tax Practitioner’s Board (TPB) and you can look up an individual or business name.  If they are not registered, be very careful when considering if you want someone who is cheaper and not registered opposed to a registered Agent that has the relevant insurance & qualifications in providing GST services and will probably provide a faster service!  Don’t let the price be your decider, after all you get what you pay for.  Would you entrust the servicing of your motor vehicle to a bookkeeper because it was cheaper? No, so why would you trust your bookkeeping to anyone that is not qualified to do the job?

So after you have determined that the bookkeeper you are considering to engage is a registered BAS Agent, I would encourage you to chat with them on the phone then in person (if possible).  I believe it is important to build a relationship and see if you ‘click’ with the bookkeeper.  Let’s face it, not everyone gets along with everyone and they are going to see your most in depth financial information so you need to feel comfortable with that individual and how they are going work with you.

At Priceless Bookkeeping we are registered!  If you are looking for a bookkeeper we would love to chat with you and see if we click!

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